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ABB Push Button CP1-10R-11 1NO+1NC

  • PUSHBUTTON CP1-10R-10 Technical Ambient Air Temperature:Operation -25 ... +70 °C Storage -40 ... +85 °C Color:Red Actuator Type:Flush Bezel Material:Black Plastic Illumination:Non-illuminated Function:Momentary Number of Auxiliary Contacts NO:1 Degree of Protection:Front IP66 Front IP67 Front IP69K Terminals IP20 Enclosure Type NEMA:Type1 Type12 Type13 Type3R Type4 Type4X Rated Frequency (f):50 / 60 Hz Rated Operational Voltage:Maximum 300 V AC/DC Rated Operational Current DC-13 (Ie):(24 V) 0.3 A (125 V) 0.2 A Rated Operational Current AC-15 (Ie):(240 V) 1 A Mechanical Durability:0.5 million Terminal Type:Screw Terminals Tightening Torque:0.8 N·m Wire Stripping Length:6 mm
  • ABB08
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